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Skate bearings take a beating and need a little TLC…especially precision bearings. Improve your bearing lifetime and keep your bearings running smooth and fast with Graphflo StackZ high performance skate bearing lubricant. This formulation was developed from the ground up leveraging our material science background. For older bearings, the lubricant is designed to fill the micro-scratches that occur on the surface of the raceway as well as the rolling elements. For new bearings, they are designed to coat over the surface level imperfections that occur in all machining process (metal and ceramic). In addition to coating over the scratches and surface imperfections, our materials are designed to “flex” and work with the fluid lubricant to allow the bearings to not be belabored by the oil’s viscosity.

Materials: We only use materials that are environmentally benign.
Manufacturing Location: Graphflo (TM) StackZ is manufactured in our lab at UNC Charlotte. We use both in-house nanomaterial fab and purchasing directly from USA based manufacturers. Even the bottle is made in the USA!

Quantity: 13-15ccs (~0.5 fluid oz)

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