Skatelite Pro r50 4x8'


r50 colorway is made from post-consumer recycled cardboard sourced from the PNW area, home of Skatelite HQ. This colorway is becoming increasingly popular as its darker color tends to hide the dirt that can live on your ramp.

Skatelite products are made from a super-durable paper-composite material that is designed to stand up to the daily punishment inflicted by skateboards and BMX bikes. Since it’s made of paper, designs can be printed directly onto the Skatelite material before it goes through the manufacturing process, meaning that unlike simple decals, your design or logos will never wear off. All Skatelite material is .25” thick



Naturally smooth and fast for less ramp rash and more speed

Incredibly durable with versions available for indoor and outdoor installation

Flexible and machinable

Maintains a safe temperature, even in the blazing sun

Fire-resistant and easy to clean, even from stubborn graffiti, pad scuffs and wax

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

A trusted solution in the action sports industry for over 30 years

Made in the U.S.A.

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