Welcome to our days of future past, where once upon a time Clyde Singleton was pro for 101 Skateboards in the mid '90s and I did a graphic for him inspired by a Big Brother magazine tour through Utah and the Rocky Mountains, circa '96. Although the title of the resulting article from Issue 23 was "The Finding of Oneself," the tour felt much more like losing oneself—or maybe just losing oneself's underpants? Well, no need to go into that incontinent absurdity now, but at the time it all seemed oddly normal in a comforting Big Brother way. Anyway, this graphic has long been a sentimental favorite of mine, a reminder of more happy-go-lucky and irresponsible times, and I'd like to extend a special thanks to both Natas Kaupas and Clyde for allowing us to re-release it under the StrangeLove banner. —Cliver

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