Toy Machine
Axel Cruysberghs
Margret Kilgallen
Egg Shape
Medium Concave
Assorted Color Plys



We have decided to re-issue these graphics by our friend, the late great artist Margaret Kilgallen on the occasion of her retrospective exhibition, being held at the Bonnefanten museum in Holland this year. She originally did this artwork for us in 1998, three years before she left us due to breast cancer. We have only changed the team rider's names. In honor of her legacy for championing under-represented communities and in consultation with her former husband Barry McGee, we will be donating some proceeds to FROSKATE. (Web: / Insta: @froskate_ FROSKATE is a black and queer run skateboard organization based in Chicago that provides a safe, supportive, shame-free space and resources for marginalized communities. Our hope is that we can celebrate Margaret Kilgallen's lasting impact on our lives and use the opportunity to shine a light and some support on a group doing positive work in the skate community! - Ed Templeton

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